We are not attempting to replicate anything; our intent is to craft wines that are completely distinct, and more profound than anything you've ever tasted. The foundation of our endeavor is to acquire physiologically ripe fruit from only the finest and most nurtured vineyards in California. We carefully choose our vineyards taking into consideration soil, climate, exposure, grape variety, farming practices , and history.

We make our wines as the fruit comes to us; nothing added (water, acids, enzymes, color enhancers), and nothing taken away (centrifuging, fining, or filtration). These wines are all true representations of their time and place of origin. Most of the wine making decisions are based strictly on sensory evaluation and intuition as opposed to laboratory analysis and recipes. I am not a technically trained graduate with a degree in oenology or viticulture. My training consists of working with those whose wines I most admire, continual study, endless hours of  evaluating wines, and sometimes absurd amounts of trial and error. We strive to make wines that we love to drink and to share them with others.

Our operation is about as low tech, old world, and small as they come. Everything is done by hand by one of us. We drive the truck to get our fruit, we crush, punch down, bottle, label; all by hand. We design the labels, build the website, market?, and sell the wine. It's crazy, let me tell you.