My family has been making wine for over 5 generations. Beginning in Sicily and continuing in the States where part of my family immigrated in the 1940’s. This is but the most recent incarnation of our passion for wine. I am the sixth generation, and the seventh is off to a roaring start. Wine is in our blood. It always has been.

I met Shawnee in 2000 at a vineyard in Hoopa, CA. Later that year we founded the winery. As  it turns out, we had grown up straight across lake Michigan from each other.  First my partner and soon there after my wife, we have been inseparable ever since. At home, in the winery, or on the road, we work and play together. In 2002 we had the first of our five kids. Life is nonstop and action packed. In 2004 we moved ourselves and the wine to our current location here in Peanut, Trinity County, California. Surrounded by wilderness, we raise our family, live life, and craft our wines.